The purpose of our membership program is to encourage a regular wellness practice while being a part of something that keeps you coming back and holds you accountable to your own self-care routines. You pick the services you are likely to have on a monthly basis, and that will be your monthly membership price. For example, if your goal were to receive a 90 minute massage or 90 minute facial every month, you would commit to a membership of $85 a month to keep that pricing (versus $95 for a 90 minute massage and $100 for 90 minute facial) as well as have your regular monthly appointment scheduled. On top of that, having this membership allows you to have 10% off of certain products like essential oils, base oils and herbal supplements as well as 15% off of most other services*. 

Membership Options


1 hour massage or facial

1.5 hour massage or facial

Moment of Wellness Package (1/2 hour facial, 1/2 hour massage, same day appointment)





Gift of Renewal Package
(1 hour facial, 1 hour massage, same day appointment)

Balance & Restore Package (3 hours, your choice of services same day)

We are thrilled to continue to provide you with our usual love and care and thank you for your trust and loyalty. Please let us know if you have any questions. We’d love to hear from you.  If you are interested in participating, please contact us either by email or phone so we can give you the fine print and help set you up.

Thank You