Coming Full Circle

March 16, 2022

Hair Services

We are almost out of Winter and transitioning into Spring. With that, many of us are bringing about changes in one way or another in our lives. Some of us have taken a small break from social media and just slowed down this last season. Spring is a time of awakening. A good time to transition through self care and self awareness.

Since last spring, I have been working hard to get back into offering hair care. It is something I have missed offering to my clients as part of the whole body wellness package.  Hair was my first love and a love I have never lost. While I have been setting up a hair station here and re-learning a few things, I’ve also been playing with a few products. I have brought some in that didn’t work out as much as I had hoped and others I loved. All in all, I hadn’t found what I was looking for to offer and even use myself.

All along, I myself have been using Davines hair care and color products on my own hair for the last couple of years. I absolutely love this company and their products. While initially, it was something I was not able to carry, I am now so proud and excited to announce that I will now be carrying and using Davines products! Spring is the perfect time to introduce this to you.

To be honest, I have not felt this passionate and motivated about a hair company in many years. This is the reason I held off offering hair services here at the studio. I wanted to offer something that would connect well with all the other services I offer to you. I wanted to offer a hair product that is beneficial and sustainable. A product that promotes wellness and healing. A business  that truly cares in so many different ways. Davines products are easy to use. Their hair color is gorgeous. Davines is a family owned, B corporation and culturally diverse. They are from Parma, Italy and now my goal is to go to Italy, lol!

There is so much to say about them and much I am in the process I am learning. I am excited because I have come full circle. The goal all along, to truly offer a WHOLE body wellness; integrating my love of holistic wellness w/my love for the art of massage, esthetics, & hair.To learn more about them, just follow the link to their website

Currently, I am working on adding the hair services to my website. Beginning April 15th, I will be more available to accept clients. In the meantime, you can text or call me for information on my hair offerings. I am looking for hair clients that are interested in whole hair wellness. I look forward to this new venture and finally feel complete in my offerings to you!!


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