Blue Lotus Healing Touch is 5 Years Old!

November 4, 2021

5 year anniversary


Today marks the 5th year since opening my little studio and I cannot believe how time has flown by and how much has changed along the way. When I look back, I just have to laugh. I had not really planned on having my own business in the timeframe that it happened. One day I quit my job, and in the next couple of months I was open for business. I am eternally grateful!

Since then, I have been able to focus my education in the direction I have wanted to go. I was able attend Holistic Estheticians retreats that were filled with education within massage and esthetics. I have been able to continue education in several advanced massage modalities classes. My studies in in depth aromatherapy courses have deepened my appreciation for essential oils. I was blessed to participate in a year long study of the interconnection of the emotional and physical connection. And my continued education will continue.  Ever learning, ever growing, ever curious.

Throughout this time, I have also learned much about myself, who I am, my values and embracing my passions. I have had to learn how to balance single parenting, my own health and wellness, and the love of my career.  I am but one person who can only handle so much. Constantly learning to prioritize my values. Embracing the fact that for me, God and family comes first, then myself, then the career. Grateful that as I learn along the way, I have been able to create the space I have for others. To offer a place of rest and comfort in a place of non-judgment and love for my guests. I have the deepest gratitude that I’ve had the opportunity to work in what I love.

What are my goals for the next few years? Well, I have many ideas for sure! But for now, I will FINALLY be offering hair services over the next few months.  It has taken me months to pull everything together that I will be needing to offer these services. My love for hair has always been there, as my love for makeup. It never went away, I just so happened to need to put it aside while I built up the studio.

When I say, WHOLE BODY WELLNESS, the goal was always to address the entire person. This, for me, means from skin, to body, to hair. Addressing all of you in a holistic manner. As with my offerings for skincare and massage, hair services will also include the whole health of the hair. Products, including color, will focus on promoting the health of your hair and scalp. As always, I am encouraging slow beauty that is deeply rooted.

Over the next couple of months I will mostly be offering haircuts and styling. I will be using models for the color services to compare the two color companies I am interested in. From there, I will narrow down the official color and products. My station will be up in the front of the salon with the rest of the girls at Magnolia Square, but still on my own as Blue Lotus Healing Touch. I cannot tell you how excited I am! Keep an eye on the services tab for hair offerings and prices here on the website.

I will also be expanding my holistic facial offerings as well as a new skin care line in the next couple of months. Having learned so much over these past few years, it has taken me time to categorize it all. I will keep you posted on these updates as as I continue to sift through it all.

For now, Happy November 2021! What a whirlwind! My gratitude to you, my loyal guests. My gratitude and love to April and Allison at Magnolia Square. They have been above and beyond supportive since the minute I walked in the door. My gratitude to Shane and Andrea for keeping up with our space to keep doing what we love. And of course, my gratitude to my family and friends who have constantly been supportive on every level and have cheered me on. Here’s to another 5 years!


  1. Marty says:

    Congratulations and SO glad you are in our little town of Yadkinville! Here’s wishing you many more years of success and happiness!


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